Colourful Smooth Styles

1.Tell me the size of the header/banner. If you’re using or Blogetery, you can just tell me the theme.

2. Choose the style!

The following are created with GIMP, Paint.NET, or Photoshop. Save your time by using us to make them.

Lightest Blue

Lightest Blue

Orange Blend

Orange Blend

Darkest Purple

Darkest Purple

Stunning Yellow

Stunning Yellow

Blending Purple

Blending Blue

Shocking Green

Shocking Green

Rough Red

Noisy Red

Super Simple

Super Simple

Funny Colours

Funny Colours

Tropical Bash- BESTSELLER!

Tropical Colours

Happy Rainbow

Rainbow Gradient

Wall o’ Crayon

Crayon Wall

Sunset Sky

Sunset Sky

More than Bright

More than bright

Green Vs. Blue

Vivid Rainbow

The Primary Gradient

The Aztec Channel


The Border of Summer

Light in the Dark

Christmas Special

Sea of Happiness

Mother Nature

Blobs of Colour

In the woods

Ocean Currents



Colorful Clouds

The following gradients are created by Splasher.

Splasher’s Special 1

Splasher’s Special 2

Peach Gradient

Style Effect (Optional)





Rough (Is already included in Rough Red)


Font and Font Colour

You can choose up to 3 fonts.


Curlz MT

Freestyle Script

Bauhaus 93


Copperplate Gothic Light

High Tower Text

Kristen ITC

Glossy PowerPoint fonts are available, but putting PowerPoint fonts in your Colourful Smooth Style may blur the header.

PowerPoint Font Effects

Only available to PowerPoint fonts.

You can choose up to 3 effects.

This Part is not ready yet. Sorry!


Include everything that is needed!

For Headings, make a mark beside it as HEADING. That text will be in size 36. For normal text, mark it as TEXT, and it will be in size 25. Or, you can just put in the font size beside the text. If you are using PowerPoint fonts and you want to put an effect in there, put the effect name near the text in brackets [Whatever effect you want].

Here is an example of what your order should look like

1.Theme: Freshy

2.Format: Vivid Rainbow

3.Fonts: High Tower Text+Green, Kristen ITC+Yellow

4. Green sticker

5. Blog Title: Header Plus + [TITLE]

Cool headers for your blog [TEXT]

To give your order, you can comment on this page! We will send the header to you by email, or add Splasher99 ( to your blog, and he will add the header to your blog for you. If you didn’t add him and you don’t receive your header in 3 days, you can come and tell us, in case we have forgotten your order. If the style/font/sticker you ordered is temporarily unavailable, we will ask you to change your order.

Happy Header Ordering!


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