Welcome to Header Plus!

13 12 2009

Welcome to Header Plus (Beta)!

Here you’ll find header styles for you to order. And it’s all free.

PLUS: In the header shop there’ll be fonts, effects and we’ll do it all for you!

Go to the Shop page and order a header now!


We now have a logo!

9 01 2010

Here is our new logo, which is replacing the WordPress default.

As you can see it is similar to our header.

Header Shop Remake!

5 01 2010

Now the Header Shop is split into 2 header shops!

Check both of them.




2 01 2010

If you went too the Shop Page but you’re out of ideas about styles and fonts, the example page will help you.


Give us suggestions!

1 01 2010

Give us suggestions at the new Polls and Suggestions page!

Tell us what you want on this site and rate this site!


Support for Club Penguin Headers

1 01 2010

Support for Club Penguin Headers!
I’ve played Club Penguin before and I know that you guys like to put in pictures of your penguins. Well, you can put in the pictures of your penguins in your header. Just give me the link to it. BUT 1. I will not crop it or do anything to your penguin. It will just be stuck on the right side of the header (the left is used for stickers).
Order a graphic now!


31 12 2009

New styles and fonts! Here are a few!

With Font Styles!

Order ’em at the shop page!

More styles coming SOON!

30 12 2009

More styles and features are coming in very soon!