Glossy and Colourful Styles

Glossy and Colourful Styles are only available to headers.

1. Tell me the size of your header. If you’re using or Blogetery, you can just tell me the theme.

2.Choose the style!

These styles will be sent in a PowerPoint slide but in .jpg format, so when you receive your header/banner and the whole slide is sent, don’t be surprised. You can crop it. We will ensure that the text does not go out from the size you told us. If it does, comment here or email

Smooth Seas

The Message

The Aurora

The Metal Wall at Sunrise


Purple Wave

Bright Sky

Peaceful Vista

Beautiful Green

Military Blog


Some fonts are only available to a certain style. Look carefully at the style that the font is under.

Smooth Seas Fonts

The Metal Wall at Sunrise Fonts

Papyrus Fonts

The Message Fonts

All other styles

All of the other styles can use any of the fonts above, and the fonts below.

Font Effects for PowerPoint fonts

You can choose up to 4 Font Effects.


Put [HEADING] near your title. Put [TEXT] beside your text.

Here is an example of what your order may look like.

1.Theme: Freshy (780×95)

2.Style and Font: Papyrus Set

3. Text: Header Plus [TITLE][Ancient Text][Blue Glow}

Free header styles for you to order. [TEXT][BORDERED WITH GOLD][Slimy Glow]

To give your order, you can comment on this page! We will send the header to you by email, or add Splasher99 ( to your blog, and he will add the header to your blog for you. If you didn’t add him and you don’t receive your header in 3 days, you can come and tell us, in case we have forgotten your order. If the style/font/sticker you ordered is temporarily unavailable, we will ask you to change your order.

Happy Header Ordering!


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5 01 2010

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